Help Kim Get A Life!

Anyone interested in helping write for Kim, our Chatbot?

So far all Kim knows how to do is role play, although she’s pretty good at it.  Kim can say over 6000 different things, and generally makes about as much sense as most of the players.  But Kim longs to say so much more!  We have big plans for expanding her personality and the things she can do.

To give Kim the personality she deserves we would like a volunteer that can help us write Kim’s responses.  This is a task that straddles English writing and writing code.  Would anyone out there with the skill to do this be willing to lend a hand?

You don’t need to know PHP, but do need understand some basic coding princicples of coding like getting things in the right format.   Other work will be in the language AIML, which you can read about at   But mostly, an ability to write creatively is essential.  Kim will only have personality if her creators do!

If interested, please email



In applying for a position, even a volunteer one:

  • Introduce yourself. Use your real name, not your IGN.
  • What position you are applying for.  Kindly include that in your email subject line.
  • Why would you be particularly well suited to the position?
  • Your experience with MCPE
  • If it’s appropriate, include a link to something you have done.  Show us examples.
  • Please attach a resume.  If you are a student, we expect this to be very simple, but we expect you have put in the effort to produce one.   A pdf with your name as part of the filename is the preferred format.
  • We value an ability to work with a team.  Give an example of where you functioned well in a team of people.
  • Use complete sentences and well thought-out paragraphs.
  • Feel free to submit your application again later, especially if we have announced somewhere that we are looking for your skill set.  (Wait a month between applications!)
  • Screen your application for grammar and spelling mistakes.  That’s one of the key things we (and most other employers) look for to gauge your attention to detail.
  • If we do set up an interview, and you have never had an interview before, you would be wise to practice being interviewed.

bossTime saving tip:  Don’t apply from your phone.  We won’t read it.
“Whad’ya mean you won’t read it?!  That’s mean!”
Well, it’s more honest and kinder to be upfront and let you know the truth. We can’t possibly get a sense for your communications skills without a cover email and resume or examples of your work.  You cannot possibly compete for a position against someone that has put that much effort into the application.  It is completely fair.