April 2020 Network Changes


Ahoy, sailors! We appreciate everyone’s support over the past few weeks and we hope you all are staying safe.

As you may have noticed, a portion of our game selection has been removed. After deliberation, our lead developer (Dishrex) has made the decision to remove a range of outdated, low-performance games. The games that were removed each averaged less than 0.5% of our player count at any given time and were taking up much-needed server space. With our current workforce level, we’re unable to support/maintain these games, while updating others, and also keeping up with the aggressive release cycles of Minecraft.

Don’t worry, these games are not going anywhere. Prepare to see these games rotating in and out throughout the upcoming months and returning with updated and improved gameplay. With bad news there’s always an ounce of good news. Restricting the amount of games we need to maintain is opening up our development team to work on an exciting new project that will improve the games and player experience network wide. Stay tuned for more info.
Thanks for the support and be well.


Most frequent questions and answers

All games that were removed will not be making a return. A list will be released to the public soon.

Games that were selected to remain will rotate individually each month.

The development team has been working feverishly to get this active. Though, we want to ensure we produce this right the first time with no flaws. To ensure this goal is attainable, we should see this new software towards the end of the year.

Once we’ve updated our software, this is for sure a possibility. Forward suggestions to our support page.

Yes, we expect this to improve our current game play we offer. Upon release of our new software, performance will be on all time high.

Our goal is to always provide our players with an enhanced player experience. Upon release of these games with our software update, we do plan to bring in new content in relation to the game released.