Better (and Safer) Together

Hey Lifeboaters,

Over the next several months, we’ll be tightening up our authentication and safety features to continue making the network a better place to play. Our recently announced official partnership with Minecraft allows us some awesome new ways to keep the servers clean for everyone! Minecraft truly is better together, and we want to keep it that way.

  • Xbox Login: Lifeboat will be switching all servers and accompanying apps/sites to Xbox Live logins with the Better Together update, sometime within the next couple of months. This will immediately cut down the amount of trolls and spam because each player now has a permanent account.
  • Chat Filter: Any long time players can attest to our constant chat filter tinkering, and this will continue. We will shortly be improving the ability of the filter in preventing the interchange of personal information. Longer term projects include using AI techniques to identify and filter context and intent of phrases, not just individual words.
  • Guest Accounts: Guests have always been the largest group of players on Lifeboat. We’re happy to have them, but they’re difficult to moderate effectively. Guest chat is being blocked (again) in an effort to cut down unpredictable content. After we switch to Xbox Live logins, Guest accounts will no longer exist on Lifeboat.
  • MCPE Parental Controls: Soon, we’ll be able to utilize Xbox Live parental controls to better allow players and parents to control what accounts can access (chat, friend requests, etc…). These settings can be accessed at
  • Moderation: Lifeboat is always adding moderators to our awesome volunteer team. The partnership will allows us to be able to devote more resources to expanding this team, and develop more technology to increase their effectiveness. It’s impossible for us to have eyes everywhere at all time, but we sure try! Also, with Xbox Logins and being able to ban Xbox Live Accounts moderator actions will carry significantly more impact.

Lifeboat has always done its best to keep our servers safe. That said, sometimes trolls have slipped through the cracks. These updates will help us beef up defense against such threats, but remember to do your part as well: help us keep Lifeboat clean by being better together.

Lifeboat Staff