Capture The Flag | New Update


Updating CTF has been one of the most requested topics we’ve noticed on the Forums, Twitter, YouTube comments, and our Discord. Since you guys asked, we delivered! Capture The Flag has now been updated with new in-game mechanics, maps, and even new items to start off with. Let’s dive right in with all of the details that you need to know concerning this brand new update. 


  • Scoreboards: Shows the captured wools on the side instead of above the hotbar if the client supports it.
  • Build Height Limit: Limited build height, changes depending on the map
  • New Kit Load-outs: There are now different kits given to the player depending on the map.
  • Colored Armor: Only applies on certain maps
  • Cleaned up item drops: Item drops from players won’t contain tools that are unbreakable (This hasn’t been completed on some maps, at the moment).
  • Angel now only spawn on old maps (None of the new maps)
  • Some maps won’t drop building materials for balancing reasons.
  • Made chests accessible to only the team who is supposed to access it.


With this new update, brings tons of new map. Enjoy! 

  • A New Day
  • Bamboo Valley
  • Golden Dought
  • Oaken Meadow
  • Winter Wakening

Thank you all for being a valuable Lifeboat players. We appreciate your constant feedback and comments. Share with us your experience, playing the Lifeboat Network, on our following pages. Happy Lifeboating!