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2016 Wrap Up

2016 was a great year for Lifeboat and Minecraft PE! We saw record player counts, awesome new mini-games and finally almost reached version parity with Minecraft PC. Check out this… Read More

Prisons Game Pass

Like cookie clicker and economy building games? Check out Prisons! Mine blocks, sell resources, upgrade your gear, raise your grade, PvP, buy a plot, and more! Grab a Prisons Game… Read More

Summer | Free T-Shirt!

WE’RE GIVING AWAY FREE T-SHIRTS! We love the Minecraft PE Community, and those who participate and play on the Lifeboat network. We have a tight-knit community and want to give… Read More

Swordfish is Live!

What is Swordfish? Swordfish is Lifeboat Networks’ all new, custom built back-end database and API set! Created by our very own @dishrex it will serve to make your Minecraft: PE… Read More