Content Creator Needed for Kim the Chatbot

We need a part-time content creator for Kim the Chatbot.  This is a part time position with flexible hours, so it is a good choice of a student.  This can have less time put in around finals or family vacations, but we need about 10 hours a week or more on average for this to make sense.
Our chatbot Kim interacts with players, carrying on conversations.  She makes the games more interactive, facilitates conversations among the players, and answers player’s questions.  We need someone to further develop the body of logic and responses that comprises the things that Kim can say.  Kim is a key feature of our network, and one to which we ascribe great importance.  As the possible things that may be said to Kim are limitless, the need to further develop her responses is too, and this will be an ongoing position indefinitely.
The work in developing Kim’s responses is roughly 50% the writing of the English language responses, and roughly 50% the logic, coding and understanding of the patterns that make up speech.  The position is specifically not to develop the proprietary AI engines the that run Kim, it is to augment the data files that give her a personality.   Much of Kim is written in KIML, which is a dialect of AIML.  For more information and an understanding of this, see
The actual process goes something like this:
1) Identify those things that players have said to Kim, by examining chat logs, or think of things that might be said to Kim.  (E.g. “how do I buy a pet?”)
2) Discern what patterns that may be common to each of the possible ways of expressing the intent of the user.  For the above example, “purchase” may be substituted for “buy”, and “can” for “do”.  You will then use the keywords and structures of KIML to write the patterns that capture the intent of the user.

3) Now comes the English part.  You then write an appropriate response, or more probably several, to prevent Kim from sounding like the machine she is.  For our example here, a response might be “go to the Lifeboat Store in the pause menu”.  But much of the time the response is less straightforward, and a clever, or somewhat non-sequitur, or perhaps sarcastic response is more in order.  You need to always keep in mind that most of the users are kids.  Kim can and should do some mild ribbing,  but should never be mean.

About half of Kim is the aforementioned KIML, and the rest of completely proprietary code in PHP with the data files being JSON or simple CSV and other formats. If you can follow the AIML you can follow this.  You will need to work with Github, and the various programs that allow you to test the chatbot.

To apply please email a resume to