Treasure Hunt

There is a prize hidden in one of the chests on the Lifeboat Network!

We have hidden a prize in a chest. This means that if you open the right chest in game, and you claim it, we send you a free, IRL prize. Free shipping.

If you find the right chest, you will see a message that looks like this.
Do like it says and come to this page. The game server knows that you are one of the ones that opened the chest, so type it into the box below. If you really did open the chest, and nobody else has claimed it before you, we will ask you for your shipping address.

We currently run the Treasure Hunt just on Bounty Hunter, Survival Games. (IP:,

If you have seen the "Congratulations" message, enter your xbox username here:

The types of game are: BH, SG

The current prizes are: Lifeboat Drawstring Backpack

Details and Rules

  • Act quickly! Another player might claim the prize before you. The prize is always hidden in one chest on one map, but that same map can appear on two servers simultaneously. So, it goes by first to claim the prize.
  • We ship to US Ship-to addresses only. (Sorry if you live elsewhere, but it is just too expensive to ship internationally.)
  • You may have a parent or guardian receive the prize for you.
  • You only have to enter your user name because the game knows that you are the player that opened the chest. If you did not open a chest, you cannot claim the prize inside it. (duh.)
  • No purchase is needed, and your odds of winning do not change if you are VIP. It goes by who finds it first.
  • Subject to any local laws and restrictions. Void where prohibited.
  • In accepting a prize from us you agree that it is okay for us to announce your Lifeboat username or twitter handle (if that is what we have). We will not give out any personal details about you.
  • If something fails in the claiming process, it means somebody else got the shirt first. This is a complex system that we make as reliable as possible, but things can go wrong. Each time we announce there will be a winner there always is.
  • We reserve the right to limit the amount of free stuff as we see fit.