Devlog 1 – Parkour No Bueno

Today, I guess, a devlog commences. This is where I will be putting down development plans, new features, bug fixes, issues we’re having, etc. Want to get the first one out because my wife will be having a baby any day now. I have had my head down for the past months working on the boring back end stuff, but want to make it a point to do these and also to be open with our community about what is going on.

1.2 – Better Together Release

Well… just about everything that could have gone wrong with the release, did for us. Some last minute fixes the day of the release introduced a host of new bugs and stability issues. Coming into the weekend we were also experiencing performance issues, giving the players movements around you a really choppy feel.

Bug Fixes


The issue was not with movement itself, but other activity on the server was making CPU cores max out, holding everything else up on the server.

After putting in hours over the weekend, testing different things, and profiling, we found the problem child and adjusted. Performance is a lot better this week!


The food bar was not depleting properly. After eating, your health would go up, the next time it depleted it would return to the previous state and then some. So eventually you would die.

Obviously, this was bad. This is fixed now.

Changes based on community feedback

Kit Selection

Partly feedback, and partly that with the Better Together update it is proving to be no longer as necessary to emphasize VIP advantages as much.

  • No more parkour to get to kits
  • Kits were moved closer, and are easily accessible from the lobby.
  • No 20 seconds delay to join a match

More Teams SG

On Survival Games servers there are now 4 signs for Teams SG instead of 2.


New Preferences UI

We are using the new UI system to make things easier. You can use it to quick join a game instead of hitting a sign or walking through the quick-play portal, easily choose a gamemode to transfer to, selecting a kit, and more.

Short and sweet today with only a few but major changes.