E3: The Recap

If you noticed our Twitter was a bit crazy last week, that’s because some of the staff (myself included) were at E3 in Los Angeles, California doing demos of the new Better Together Update for attendees.

The Xbox Briefing

It started on Sunday at The Galen Center for the official Xbox Briefing. Once we got to our seats, it was insanely packed and a bit of a rush to see in person. I’ve never been to an event of this magnitude, not even for other gaming community events I’ve attended, so it was really awesome to be a part of the briefing. The best part (duh!) was when the Minecraft announcement was made. I couldn’t think of a better way to reveal our part in the partnership with Minecraft and it was definitely awesome to see a picture of our server on the big screen.

E3 and a Demo

The first day of E3 was absolutely nuts! Everyone had to wait in a line that extended out to the street and sidewalk outside of the venue but because I had a special badge as a demo staff member, I was able to get through to our area a lot quicker. I overheard some folks saying it took them 30 minutes to an hour to get inside because of how many people there were in line to enter the West Hall (where we were).

As soon as you enter,  you see grand demo stages and lots of people running around trying to do their best to get to the game demos they want to see as fast as they can so they’re first in line. It’s a  chaos that reminds me of TwitchCon but in a smaller space and bigger lines for demos. Our Minecraft demo was right in the middle of the Xbox area with Cracked Down 3 behind us, Sea of Thieves across from us and the Daily Show stage in front of us. While players were in line, we got to chat with some of them and even give interviews for a few YouTube channels covering E3 and all things Minecraft.

All of our demo players not only got to experience the new Better Together Update but also get a glimpse into Lifeboat and a special mini game mode called Bounty Hunter Blitz. Thanks to some of our moderators, our players had a special lobby dedicated to our demo players where they could explore and interact with our moderators (if time allowed).

Bounty Hunter Blitz

Bounty Hunter Blitz is like Hunger Games but with a team instead of you versus everyone else… Still want to hear more? Okay okay, here’s what it’s about: You have Team Blue and Team Red, both on opposite sides of the map with their own shops on their base and a map in the middle of the map as well. The object of the game is to get as much gold as you can, collect as many items as you can to equip yourself with and get as many kills as you can with your team. During our demos, we had our Xbox console players as Team Blue and our Windows 10 players as Team Red. After the game ends, both teams go into a Deathmatch that will last either as long as one team is dead or the timer runs out. Once the Deathmatch ends, the winning team will be announced on the screen along with the scores for each team.

The biggest tip we can give for this game mode is that team work is the best way to come out as the winner! Once the demo was over, we directed our players to the exit area and handed them an awesome commemorative Minecraft pin made specially for E3 demo attendees. Bounty Hunter Blitz live on the Bounty Hunter server now so go check it out!

The Adventure Ends… Or Does It?

From Sunday to Thursday, my days were long and crazy because of E3 but I would gladly do it all over again! It was so awesome getting to work with Rein, David, Jose and Luke in person, and I’ll definitely miss working with and getting to know the Minecraft team. With the new Better Together Update coming later this year, our new cross platform players will finally get to experience the welcoming Lifeboat community I’ve always known and that’s just as exciting as experiencing E3!