Lifeboat eSports

Probably the most fun you've had in Minecraft!

Scoreboard Rules

Welcome to eSports

We have some of the most competitive eSport competitions.

Lifeboat eSports are daily online tournaments where teams play for fame, prizes, and glory. Join a team 10 minutes before the tournament starts. If players drop out of teams, spectators are drafted to fill their spot. The tournament lasts about an hour. Your teammates are counting on you, so try to be sure you can commit to the full 1 hour before joining! Use the Scoreboard button to view a live scoreboard and map.

They're free to join, and are loaded with a ton of fun! You can join the tournament at when the next tournament begins. We hope you enjoy, and make sure to grab your friends to form your own team! Our most popular eSports tournament is Team Survival Games.


We have a very straight forward schedule.

0:00 (when tournament starts) - Check in / Team formation (non-VIP slots open closer to Round 1 start)

0:10 - Qualifier Round 1

0:27 – 3 minute break

0:30 – Qualifier Round 2

0:47 – 3 minute break

0:50 – Final Round