Changes to Forums 2019

Hello Lifeboaters! 👋

We are releasing this post to inform you that we are making a few changes and a major change will be in-regards to Forums. 

Lifeboat Forums is coming to an end and will close June 1st. This was a tough decision to make, as lots of memories were made on this platform. 

Over a year ago, we released the Lifeboat Community Discord which has grown tremendously, and during that time the forums has begun to decrease in active users and has had little-to-no growth.

Due to this, we will be switching to our Lifeboat Discord as our main community platform, in which we have all our members together in one place. 

We know some aspects of the forums that you the users love and we are working to implement some aspects of that to our Discord. Stay tuned for these to be added in a couple of weeks. 

Reports? Yes, Forums was a place that most submitted reports and we encourage you to submit your reports by going here. Submitting a report here on our website will allow us to collect certain information that will allow for us to quickly resolve your report rather than us having to wait on Forums for a response from you when we request more information. 

We hope you are willing to adapt to our new platform and understand why we decided to move. We have a lot of upcoming things to share with you guys. Happy Lifeboating and we’ll see you on Discord! 💖