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We love the Minecraft PE Community, and those who participate and play on the Lifeboat network. We have a tight-knit community and want to give back to you.


You only need 100 views to get a Lifeboat T-Shirt for free. Even with no subscribers at all, people search a Lifeboat videos on YouTube all of the time! You can hit 100 views, all you have to do is upload!

Basic Requirements:

1) Upload a YouTube video with “LBSG” or “Lifeboat” in the Title and description. (video must be about Lifeboat)
2) The video must exceed 100 views before you submit the form below to receive your FREE shirt.
3) If your video exceeds 200 views, you can select the NEW!  Black version.
4) Video must be uploaded on or after August 1st, 2016.

That’s it! Once you’ve got that, just fill out the form below.

Additional details:

-We have a limit of 100, but no time limit.
-Shipping is free for U.S., no fees of any sort: It is 100% free. If not U.S., shipping fee may apply.
-Terms and details are subject to change without notice.
-The video must be a positive, kid-friendly video. Do not create guides to cheating or hacking– we will not award you with a shirt for that. (same goes for negative videos)

We also have a video! Watch this, and then fill out the form below.

Free T-Shirt Form

Be sure to read the above details prior to submitting this form.
(must exceed 100 views to submit)

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YouTube Video (required)

Which T-Shirt Color? (video MUST exceed 200 views for Black color)

Video Verification (Create a 6 digit code and add in your video description)