FREE Gifts for PayPal Subscribers

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Celebrate the holidays with free gifts for PayPal subscribers and new yearly ranks. Give the gift of MVP or GOAT for an entire year to a friend, or pick up a renewing subscription for yourself! Experience all that Lifeboat has to offer with a subscription and take your Minecraft multiplayer gameplay to the next level.

Limited Time Offer

Receive a special gift from Lifeboat when you subscribe using PayPal!

Google Play and iOS App Store subscriptions not included.  You have to renew after the seven day free-trial to get your gift.

  • Yearly GOAT Subscribers receive a pair of Lifeboat Headphones ($26.95 value!!!)
  • Yearly MVP Subscribers receive a Lifeboat Backpack ($12.95 value!)
  • Monthly GOAT Subscribers receive a Lifeboat Hat ($9.95 value!)
  • Monthly MVP Subscriptions receive a Lifeboat Promo Package ($5.95 value!)

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