Hey Lifeboat, what’s new?

It’s almost the end of May and everyone at Lifeboat is preparing for summer. Most of our users are on break from school which means our work loads get a little busier and our player counts increase. Higher user player counts also mean that there’s potential for more bugs and more feedback for improvements. Some users don’t always see the difference after they’ve made a report or a suggestion but we have the perfect way to help keep our users up to date: weekly updates!

Starting today, we will be posting weekly blog posts with a summary of what’s been changed and updated. Some of the updates we’ll talk about are:

  • Bug and glitch patches
  • Minor aesthetic tweaks like chat changes
  • In game changes like kit alterations
  • Game mode updates and additions

We’ve heard our users loud and clear when it comes to feedback, and we want to make sure our users know just how much we take their feedback to consideration and heart by showing what’s being done. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal anything that’s coming in the future because you need top secret clearance but maybe Luke will let us include a teaser once in a while. In the mean time, enjoy our first update!



Here’s what’s new:


Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Guests now have have a special tag when they are not logged in to prevent other users impersonating you. It looks like this:  

Game Mode Updates

  • Adventure Mode now has Teams!
  • SkyWars has reverted back to it’s old lobby!

In Game Changes

  • We’ve moved the kits in all of our lobbies. (Look on the ship for Etretat Cliffs and on the volcano for Island Lobby!)
  • Some kits were moved in SkyWars to adjust for the architecture of the old lobby.

Bug Reports and Patches

  • General bug fixes thanks to your reports!

This week’s summary is short and sweet while I get acquainted with the notation system our team has for everything that they’ve worked on. Don’t worry, we’ll be adding more detailed reports for you as we continue posting every Friday. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you in a week!