Crash on Planet X

Welcome to Crash on Planet X!

 How to Play Crash on Planet X!

Connecting To Lifeboat

Open Minecraft and press the Play button. Navigate to the server tab select “Lifeboat Network”.
Select the Lifeboat Server

Loading…2..3..4… Activate your compass!

Choose “Game Type Selector”.
Game Type Selector

Select “Crash on Planet X” from the game type selector menu.
If it’s not on the menu, find a statue labeled “Crash on Planet X”, and tap that.
Select Game

If prompted to download a world resource pack, select “Download & Join”.
Resource Pack

Playing Crash on Planet X

Your ship has crashed on Planet X and everything looks so alien. How are you going to survive? Are the natives friendly? Which creatures can you eat, which want to eat you? How will you ever get back to Earth?!


Space Cadet Manual

Disoriented? Open your Space Cadet Manual to learn more about your equipment and this strange planet.
Space Cadet Manual
Space Cadet Manual Open


The Navigator (like a compass, but higher tech) points you towards your current objective.
You can also change or view your current object activating the navigator.

Start completing these objectives so you can get off of this crazy place and return home.


Venture forth and explore this unfamiliar place. Go find many different alien biomes. Oh, the things you will discover! Oh, the things that will discover you!
(and try to kill you…)
Exploration 1
Exploration 2
Exploration 3
Exploration 4


You can complete the whole map without spending any Minecraft coins.
But if you want to return to earth a bit faster, there are a couple of items on the Lifeboat Store that can help.
Lifeboat Store

Supply Drops

Supply Drop

Running out of ammo or energy?

Each supply drop contains:
       -Ammo x25
       -Medkit II x5
       -Battery x3
       -Teleporter x3
       -Grenade x3
       -Energy Core x1

You will find these very helpful in your time on Planet X.

Energy Cores

Energy Cores

What Are Energy Cores?

Make in-game purchase with Energy Cores. Energy cores come supply drops, and all the coolest items on Planet X require an Energy Cores to acquire. Purchase top-tier items in-game at a “Core Trader”.
Core Trader

What can you buy with Energy Cores?

Robotic Walker Model 2
This baby’s quick! (Much faster than the old model 1)
Walk Model 2

Eclipse Armor and Weapons
The most powerful Armor and Weapons available in Crash on Planet X. Even the UFOs are intimidated.
Eclipse Armor

Combat Pets (Defender, Sniper, and Healing)

Get a hand in combat with these robotic helpers!

Defender pets take damage for you.
Snipers attack what you attack.
Healer bots heal you.
Combat Pets

Glider Mount
Fast and smooth, smooth, smooth!
Glider Mount

And so much more
Explore Planet X to discover more things you can unlock.

How Do You Obtain Energy Cores?

The easiest way is to open supply drops that can be bought from the Lifeboat Store.

You can also earn them in-game:
       -Completing special quests.
       -Defeating bosses.
       -Sold at some shops for 2000 in-game coins.