Can you survive the infection?


Connecting To Lifeboat

Open Minecraft and press the Play button. Navigate to the server tab select “Lifeboat Network”.
Select the Lifeboat Server

Loading…2..3..4… Activate your compass!

Choose “Game Type Selector”.
Game Type Selector

Select “Battle Royale” from the game type selector menu.
Select Battle Royale

If prompted to download a world resource pack, select “Download & Join”.
Resource Pack

How to play Plague

Plague blends elements of survival, exploration, and hunting into one single game. Your goal is to survive the infection and stay alive until the timer has finished.
Battle Royale

Item and Weapon Guides

To learn more about each item and weapon. Open the guide book titled “Info” while waiting for the game to start.

Explore The Map

Before the game starts, you have the ability to explore the map. This is your chance to explore and figure out good hiding spots.

Human Detector

Use the Human Detector at the bottom of your screen to find where the humans are hiding. Red indicates a human is in that direction. Be sure to keep a close eye on this as it’ll move constantly, becoming your ultimate tracking device.
Chest Open

Floor Loot

Sometimes items are found on the ground. Punch these items to pick them up.
Floor Loot


Upon eliminating an opponent you’ll receive 5 ranking points. If you get eliminated, you then have the ability to become a mob of your choice. Be wise, each mob has their own special ability.
Enemies Loot

Match Status

Need to get to the safe zone quickly? Hop on a motorcycle, they are really fast! Motorcycles are scattered randomly throughout the map.
Motorcycle 2