Welcome to Prison!

How to play prisons

Connecting To Lifeboat

Open Minecraft and press the Play button. Navigate to the server tab and select “Lifeboat Network”.
Select the Lifeboat Server

Loading…2..3..4… Activate your compass!

Choose “Game Type Selector”.
Game Type Selector

Select “Prison” from the game type selector menu.

If prompted to download a world resource pack, select “Download & Join”.
Resource Pack

Playing Prison

Escaping the Prison is no easy task. To escape, you must work hard and earn your way out.

Mine of Your Grade

Start by walking onto the “Mine of your grade” platform. This will take you to your current mining area.
Mine of Your Grade

Grade A

Collect wood in the Grade A mining area.
Grade A

Selling Material

After collecting a sufficient amount of material, use the ‘/sell’ command or locate the selling signs to obtain gold.

Increasing Mining Grade

To increase your mining grade, you must first pay the owed amount. Do ‘/grade’ to find that price.
If you have aquired enough gold, use the command ‘/grade up’ confirm the purchase.


Gold can also be used to purchase tools and other items to help you escape the prison.
TIP: Buying a pickaxe will allow faster mining, thus increasing income generation.
Shop Open

PVP Mine

Use the command ‘/pvp’ to teleport to the PVP Mines. There are lots of valuable materials here but be careful. PVP is enabled.


Grade Z is the final grade in the game. Achieving Grade Z is how you win on the Prison server. You are FREE!


After escaping, buy a plot. This is your own place where you can build, and enjoy your freedom. Visit the Handyman to buy items for your plot. You can buy blocks, doors, stairs, fences, and much more!

Lifeboat Store

Prisons is only free to play for a limited time. Purchase a Prison Game Pass or UberVIP for unlimited access on this fun economy game.
Prison Pass