Survival Games

Welcome to Survival Games!

How to Play Survival Games


Open Minecraft and press the Play button. Navigate to the server tab select “Lifeboat Network”.
Select the Lifeboat Server

If prompted to download a world resource pack, select “Download & Join”.
Resource Pack

Joining a Match

To join a match locate the Survival Games quickplay portal and walk through it.
Quickplay Portal

Playing Survival Games

Compete in the ultimate game of survival of the fittest. Gather weapons and armor to eliminate all other opponents. The final objective is to be the last one standing.
Survival Games


All players are bound to a pedestal until the count down completes.
This would be a good time to chat with other players or come up with a strategy.

Game Start

Once the game begins 30 seconds of invincibility is given to all players. Gather weapons, armor, and food during this time.
Chest Open


The chests in the center are rich, but risky.
There are also crafting and enchanting tables that can be utilized.


The worlds are vast and contain a wealth of items and useful tools. Search in the corners of buildings and even up in the trees. Chests can be found almost anywhere.


The compass can be used to determine how far away the nearest player is.
Note, it doesn’t point towards the said player. It only shows their distance.

Death Match

Tournaments have a 7-minute duration. If two or more players survive more than 7 minutes, they will be teleported to the deathmatch arena. The remaining players will battle for victory. Last player standing wins!
Death Match