Zombie Apocalypse

Welcome to Zombie Apocalypse!


Connecting To Lifeboat

Open Minecraft and press the Play button. Navigate to the server tab and select “Lifeboat Network”.
Select the Lifeboat Server

Loading…2..3..4… Activate your compass!

Choose “Game Type Selector”.
Game Type Selector

Select “Bounty Hunter” from the game type selector menu.
Game Selector Zombie

If prompted to download a world resource pack, select “Download & Join”.
Resource Pack

Joining a Match

To join a match locate the portal hub, choose a game, and walk through.
ZA Portals

Playing Zombie Apocalypse

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Game Variations

In Zombie Apocalypse there are four different game variations.

Playing ZA Arena

Work together in the arena to eliminate wave after wave of monsters. How long will you survive?
Arena Map

Joining Arena

To join a ZA Arena match locate the “Arena” Portal and step through it.
Arena Portal


Kill every monster to complete a wave. Monsters become progressively stronger after every wave.


Kill monsters to collect gold. Gold is displayed above the hot bar.


Activate the gold coin to open the shop. Spend gold to upgrade your weapons and armor.
Shop 1
Shop 2

Playing ZA Convoy

Help escort the wagon as it delivers essential supplies that will save humanity.

Joining Convoy

To join a ZA Convoy match locate the “Convoy” Portal and step through it.
Convoy Portal

Defend the Convoy

Protect the Convoy at all cost. Don’t let any monsters near it!
Defend the Convoy
Defend the Convoy 2

Wagons Health

The wagons health is displayed above the hot bar. If the wagon is destroyed, civilization is toast, and your team will lose.
Wagon Health


Activate the gold coin to open the shop. Spend gold to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Mine some resources

Mine some resources

  • Dig a small whole and get digging! (after you get some wood, of course)
  • Find at least 3 iron ore, and 9 stone to build a furnace and an iron picaxe. This will give you an advantage.
  • Don’t get too carried away down there, zombies are coming!

Craft an iron picaxe

Craft an iron picaxe

  • After smelting a few iron ore, craft a picaxe!
  • The world spawns with diamond ores on top, so you’ll need it to mine them.

Search for diamonds on the surface

Search for diamonds on the surface

  • Each world is paired with many groups of diamond ores, on the surface.
  • Use your iron picaxe to collect as many diamonds as you can.
  • Craft a diamond sword (most important!) and use the leftovers for armor.
  • It takes 24 diamonds to craft a full suit of armor, so you’ll need to search aggressively.

More than zombies spawn

More than zombies spawn

  • Hopefully you are prepared for the enemies to come – arm your sword!
  • There are 5 different monster types that spawn: Iron Golems (strongest), Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, and Spiders.
  • Iron Golems take the most hits and also reward the player with more points than the others.

help your friends with building

help your friends with building

  • Don’t leave your friends behind! Help them build and secure an area.
  • If you have a safe zone (house, building etc) it will be much easier to escape an attack.

stay with a group

stay with a group

  • If you get lost, try to find your team quickly – you don’t want to fight alone.
  • Skeletons can shoot arrows into trees, so make sure you hide well.
  • Battle together with others and you can overcome the Zombie Apocalypse!