Inside Youtube and Shou Ranks

Self promotion is a never ending struggle for video creators on their quest for success. If you’re a Shou streamer or a YouTuber that plays Lifeboat, our Shou and Lifeboat ranks are a great way to spread the word about your work; however, most users that apply for YouTube rank are denied and don’t understand why. Are you one of those unlucky applicants?

The way our current system is set up for Shou rank applicants is pretty easy. You take a screencap of your Shou profile with your follower count showing and we will manually check to make sure that everything is a match. For extra security, we ask our applicants to have their Twitter handle listed in their Shou bio section as a way to verify ownership and if you meet the 4k follower requirement then the rank is usually granted.

The process for YouTube rank is a little more intense and a lot stricter. Not only do you need to sign into your Google account to confirm ownership but by signing in, you also confirm that you meet our 2,000 subscriber requirement. From there, your application is accepted in the system and someone manually approves or denies it. Most applicants are not aware of the guidelines that we base our approval on, however. The website application currently doesn’t have a way to communicate with you regarding your application status so in order to give some transparency and help applicants, here’s a guide to what we’re looking for.

Subscribers! Subscribers! Subscribers!

A question we’re commonly asked is why our requirement for the amount of subscribers is so high. In reality, it’s not that high at all. The reason we chose 2,000 is because it’s actually reasonably attainable for a dedicated creator. For the casual creator, it’s a struggle and it always will be because you’re doing it casually, inconsistently and basically at your leisure. If you’re fully dedicated and uploading regularly, most likely you’re using social media to your advantage in spreading the word and you’re constantly evolving as a creator in terms of quality, habits and ways to stay involved in your channel’s community (no matter how big or small).

Whether you’re an inconsistent casual or an active and dedicated creator, be aware that we do check to make sure your subscriber count is valid. Occasionally, we do have creators that are dishonest and somehow exaggerate their subscribers but don’t have a proportionate view count to support the subscriber count. If your subscriber count looks falsified, your application will likely be denied.

Content is key!

So you meet the 2,000 subscriber requirement but you’re still not getting accepted. Why!? What did I do wrong!?  Well, the first thing we look at is your content. If you have no videos containing LBSG gameplay your application will automatically be denied. If your channel doesn’t have enough LBSG content, there’s a good chance your application will also be denied. A good baseline amount is at least 8 to 10 videos containing Lifeboat oriented content but keep in mind that whether you have 5 videos or 500 videos, there needs to be a good proportionate amount of videos containing Lifeboat gameplay. The reason why we require LBSG content is because you’re requesting a rank that’s sole purpose is promotion. As much as we love to see busy channels with constant uploads about  tutorials for Minecraft things, if you don’t have any kind of LBSG content then your application will be denied.

Be the example, set the example!

Now that we’ve covered the necessity of LBSG content, there’s something that I’d like to stress: we will not accept channels that have any kind of hacking content whatsoever. Think about it… If our Terms and Conditions clearly state that hacking will result in a lock on your account, why would we give a rank to someone that blatantly has no respect for our server rules? The same thing goes for videos about trolling players or griefing, anything to that effect will increase the chances of your application getting denied and your account being locked.

That’s it. Our requirements really aren’t that strict! The few things we’re asking of you are very basic and extremely attainable for a dedicated creator. If you feel like you’re struggling with getting accepted, go through our unofficial checklist again and make sure you’ve met our requirements. Still stumped on why your channel isn’t getting approved for rank? Tweet us or write us on our forums and we’ll happily figure out what’s going on.