Why we introduced a free-play time limit

Servers Cost Money.  So do devs.

It was the fairest way to allocate scarce resources. Lifeboat rents a total of 231 physical servers in a few different data centers. In the summer months, that cannot support player demand. So, the fairest way we could make sure everyone had a chance to play was to limit the amount of time people can play for free.

So why not just rent more servers? We cannot afford to. The total amount of money the Lifeboat network brings in from paying players is currently significantly less than it costs to run the network. The Lifeboat Network has lost money so far in 2017.

Well, what if we just laid off staff? That would mean no more new game types, no new features, no new maps. The next time the protocol changed, players would be unable to connect. It would mean reduced customer support, less community engagement, and no sending out free stuff. Could we drop back to a bare-minimum, no-frills network? Sure. But that’s not what we want to do.

So we decided to limit the amount of time players could play for free. We think it is the most sustainable for the network, and best for the community. We hope everyone that has ever had to make tough choices in the face of limited resources will agree this was the right move.

The VIPs can still play for unlimited time in the games for which they are VIP.  And GOAT and MVP may play on all games indefinitely.   And, this is completely fair.   VIPs pay for the servers that everyone else uses for free.

The present time limit is two hours, but this may change depending on demand and resources.