Kit Selections

All players get the same kits, whether the player is VIP or not.

VIPs, GOATs and Non-VIPs Get the Same Kits

  • All players get the same kits, whether the player has a paid for rank or not.
  • Each kit has advantages, and different strategies will work well with different kits.
  • Superpowers, like the brawler, are nice because you can find armor and weapons in chests, but you can’t find a superpower.
  • Hardware, like in the warrior kit, is nice because you start out the game with weapons and armor.
  • The exact behavior of each of the kits on each of the maps varies, and we adjust it as needed so the game is fair.


What this guy lacks in refinement he makes up for double in brute strength. Gives more knock-back, takes less. No armor.


Has a bow and arrows, which are rare in most games. Being able to inflict damage from a distance is a wonderful thing.


Receives 1 throwable Emerald every 90 seconds, you teleport where it lands. Isn’t it cool to have a superpower? No armor, get searching!


The more ripped and refined brother of the brawler. The Athlete runs faster, jumps higher than your average bloke. (Lots of deep knee bends and a high protein diet.)


Comes with a pickaxe. He is able to squeeze a little more out of every chest that is not empty. How does he do it? Experience.


Your chance to emulate the most feared and reviled of all the Mobs. Creeper gets 1 throwable TNT every 90 seconds. This could get you just the bad reputation you were looking for.

Classic VIP+

Nice when the armor takes the hit instead of you taking damage. The defense starts with a cap, chestplate, pants, boots, and an axe that doubles as a fashion accessory.


You receive a powerful sword for quiet, silent, and quick eliminations. They won’t even see you coming.


Tankers are powerful! They start out with a chestplate for endurance, and an axe for battle.