Introducing Survival Games: Origins

Salutations, fellow Lifeboaters!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have released a new map to the Minecraft Marketplace! Survival Games: Origins! Ever wanted to host your own Survival Games map? Ever wanted crazy action-packed parkour?! Well – here’s your chance! Survival Games: Origins is now out in the Marketplace for ONLY 830 Minecoins! Read more to get the juicy information!



Within the map you’ll find four amazing game modes. You’ll have the option to play with your friends or play solo (Mob Battle).

1 vs 1

  • 1 vs 1 Mode is a close-quarters fight between two players. Trigger a match at the game panel to be teleported to the waiting lobby. Once your opponent has joined, begin the match by pressing the start button! Enjoy this close and intense battle with amazing loot provided at the start of the fight.

2-8p PvP

  • These are Survival Games matches. Trigger a match at the game panel to be teleported to the waiting lobby. Once your friends have joined you, begin the match by pressing the start button. All players will start off with decent loot and will have to find more valuable loot located around the map in various chests. Defeat all of your opponents to win the game!

Mob Battle

  • Fight off five waves of fierce enemies in this 1 or 2 player PvE game! Trigger a match at the game panel to be teleported to the waiting lobby.  Once you’re ready, begin by pressing the start button. Enjoy the thrill of fighting for your life in the fast-paced waves of mobs spawning around the map.

Free Mode

  • Use Free Mode to explore the Survival Games arenas with no pressure. Teleport to any arena using the game panel. Stay as long as you like, explore, and have fun! Once you’re done, return to the lobby using the teleport button located where you spawned. Have fun exploring!


Check out our four new maps located in the world Survival Games: Origins!

  1. Bay 1

  2. Valley

  3. Desert

  4. Fantasy

Here’s a little sneak peak of the map Fantasy. Enjoy!


Survival Games: Origins

Now available in the Minecraft Marketplace for 830 minecoins. If you like what you see, head over to the Minecraft Marketplace and purchase the map! If you enjoy the map, please rate us positively as well! Thank you!


At last, you can host your very own Survival Games! You control the match flow with settings for 1vs1 to 8p PvP, Mob Battle for solo or 2 player PvE, or Free Mode to explore four incredible custom arenas. Hone your fighting skills, practice parkour moves or even host your own tournaments in this feature-packed world.