Lifeboat Twitter Q&A #1

A while back, we asked our Twitter users to ask us whatever they wanted to know the most. We receive a lot of questions, some of them quite regularly, but since Twitter only allows us 140 characters to answer your question, we wanted to give a more in depth answer to some of Lifeboat’s most frequently asked questions.

Q: Are you working on new game modes? Can you make _______ game mode/mini game?
A: We’re always looking at the best and most popular game modes for Minecraft PE. We’re making a really cool one that has never been created before, but we can’t tell you much more than the name: Block Royale.

Q: What is your most successful mini game?
A: Our most successful minigame changes month to month. For all time, it’s probably Survival Games, but there are times when SkyWars and BedWars are more popular.

Q: Where would you rank yourself compared to other servers?  
A: We like to think we’re the greatest Minecraft server in the universe! We love and respect other servers, but there’s no place like home.

Q: When was this server made? What made you want to create the server?
A: WilliamTDR first started making Lifeboat back in 2012. His initial reasons were to play Minecraft PE with his friends.

Q: Why are the pets and VIP so costly? Will you ever open Prisons to everyone without a rank?
A: We try to price Ranks and Cosmetic Items fairly. Compared to some other Minecraft servers, ours are actually rather inexpensive! That said, Lifeboat has always been about providing the best gameplay experience for the community, and your support helps us do that. Prison might be open to all users someday, but it currently stands as an exclusive game mode.

Q: Why did you close Overcast? Do you still have a PC server?
A: Lifeboat closed Overcast for the same reason as its previous owner: it was financially unsustainable. There were a number of factors that went into this decision, not the least of which was wanting to focus our efforts back on Pocket Edition. We don’t currently have a PC server, as we think PE is the future.

Q: Where do you get inspiration from? Does it come from other PE/PC servers?
A: We get inspiration from all sorts of places! Sometimes from others servers, sometimes from other games. It really just depends. For instance, Hot Rock was inspired by the IRL game Hot Potato.

Q: Why don’t you have a mini rank for YouTube? I’ll never get 2,000 subscribers, that’s too much!
A: We value the effort that you put into creating awesome videos! That said, the YouTube rank is an exclusive title earned by creators who worked very hard to meet the minimum requirements. We feel that 2,000 subs is an important milestone, but one that anyone can reach if they work hard enough.

Q: What server do the staff like to play the most?
A: Lifeboat, of course.

Q: How did the server status and games start out when Lifeboat was first released?
A: Lifeboat has always considered Survival Games its main attraction.

Q: When is Block Royale coming out?!
A: When CraftBukkit finishes it. Remind us to send him some annoying reminders…

Q: Why have you taken away some of the VIP privileges, like particles?
A: Particles and morphs were added to VIP on different servers for testing and lag profiling. We’ve also added things like ChatFX to VIP, so it’s a bit of a give and take relationship. When it comes down to it, VIP’s will always get their core privileges, like flying in the lobby, a chat tag, easier kit selection and some cosmetics (pets, chatFX, etc…).

Q: Will you make an LBSG dating website?
A: No, we aren’t interested in that. We recommend anyone who is look elsewhere!

Q: Have you ever thought of doing tournaments to win a VIP upgrade?
A: Simply put, no. Everyone would love free VIP, but if we just gave it away, the server would shut down in a few months.

Q: Out of the original lifeboat staff, who is still here?
A: WilliamTDR has moved on to college and other projects. Lifeboat is run by his father’s company, Hydreon Corporation, and we still work with many of the original staffers.

Q: What are the differences between VIP, MVP and GOAT?
A: VIP is a lifetime rank that gives many benefits to 1 game type; MVP and GOAT both give VIP to all gametypes, and access to exclusive games like Prison, at a monthly cost. MVP and GOAT both have more free cosmetics than VIP.

Q: What are the requirements for YouTube rank? I have over 2,000 subs but no rank! Why won’t you lower them?
A: The YouTube rank requires 2,000 subs, but you also need to have a history of making YouTube videos on Lifeboat. If you get denied, try making some Lifeboat videos and try again.

Q: What do you look for with Shou Spotlight streamers?
A: We look for a positive attitude, quality content and a love for playing on Lifeboat in Shou Spotlight streamers.

We’d like to thank everyone that sent in questions, even if your question wasn’t chosen for this occasion.  One of the biggest rewards of working for Lifeboat is getting to talk to our users, whether it’s for the greatest victory you’ve ever had in BedWars or for the biggest glitch that cost you the game. It’s awesome that we’ve had the chance to interact with you. Thank you.