Account Lock Reasons and Ban Appeals

Account Lock Reasons and Ban Appeals

If your account has been locked/banned, it’s because you have broken one of our server rules. We reserve the right to ban accounts that are in violation of our server rules, as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Please refer to our punishment policy before submitting an appeal to make sure that your punishment is actually unwarranted. Below are some of the reasons for why your account could be locked, as well as information on how to appeal for a lock you may believe is not warranted.

Potential reasons:

  1. Hacking/Using client mods. For example, the use of speed hacks, kill aura, or reach.
  2. Inappropriate chat conduct (Can include things such as spamming, sexual roleplay, cursing in chat, or racist comments)
  3. Inappropriate Username
  4. Inappropriate skins
  5. Advertising domain or other servers
  6. Inappropriate builds in build area
  7. Bullying/Harassing other players

If you were punished on our Discord server, please include your full Discord username and any information relevant to the punishment.

If you believe you were falsely banned, then you can submit a ban appeal. Submitting more than one ban appeal before we have a chance to review it will not speed up the ban appeal process; in fact, we may deny your appeal if you do. If your account has already been unlocked once, you will not be unlocked again, so don’t ask.

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