Minecraft Map Build Coordinator (Eden Prairie)

We are looking for an individual to work with the Lifeboat community to get more community maps made. Presently more people want to be part of the community than we can manage, so we are looking for some talent the help us grow this. This position will be the “Map Build Coordinator.”

The Map Build Coordinator will:
Assign tasks to builders. Typically these will be building, generating terrain, or integrating the components that make up a map.

Verify the quality and completion of tasks, and arrange payments.

Work with the community, assuring a positive work environment.

Recruit new members to the build team.

Work with the digitals artists that will act as the closers to finalize maps and get them submitted to the store.

Qualifications include;
– Ability to manage a team.
– Familiarity with Minecraft. (Expert level is not required.)
– Good artistic and creative sense.
– A sense for knowing what makes a game fun.

There is room for advancement as you grow the position to be a profitable part of our company. You will be guided and learn from other teams in the beginning, but will have considerable flexibility and independence.

Please submit a resume as a pdf attachment, with your name as part of the filename at jobs@hydreon.com. If your resume does not mention Minecraft, explain in your cover letter why you would be qualified for this position. We would start by giving you a paid contract task to see if this is a good fit. Longer term, work will mostly in our office, where we have taken precautions to prevent the spread of Covid, with some remote. The Lifeboat Network is run by Hydreon corporation. We are official partners of and work closely with Microsoft. We are an equal opportunity employer.