New Survival Mode Pro Servers / Creative Mode Plots!

Survival Mode Pro

Survival Mode Pro servers are paid-access servers that let us do things that we just can’t do on the free servers.

Most important is that the Pro servers have persistent plots for all players.

If you pay for an UberVIP you  get a plot on Survival Mode pro.  Also, you can buy a monthly Survival Mode pro pass for about $1/month.

More advanced features coming!

Our Dev Team has been hard at work developing new features for the Survival Mode Pro servers.  Thinks like redstone and minecarts.  These feature won’t be coming to the free servers because they would cause too much lag.  But we can afford to have fewer players per server on the Pro servers, so we can afford the CPU.  And because it’s a paid-for server, we can afford to develop them.

And Free Survival Mode is Still Free!


Creative Mode Plots

Creative mode plots are plots that persist without a daily check in.  Much like on Survival Mode, we can’t have everyone have a free plot, or the maps would quickly fill.  But for Creative Mode we are allowed to mix the free and paid plots on the same map, because there is no PVP.