OP Survival Games is Here!

Ever wanted to play Survival Games with whacky weapons, crazy effects and over-powered loot drops? Now is your chance! Grab your friends and connect to op.lbsg.net and try it out for a limited time. OP Survival Games uses the same VIP as regular Survival Games.

New Items

  • Lightning Dust: Spawns lightning strikes around the player hit
    • Item: Glowstone dust
    • Throwable: Yes
  • Fire Dust: Makes every player in a radius of 5 blocks from the player hit burn for 4-12 sec
    • Item: Redstone Block
    • Throwable: Yes
  • OP Stick: 1 hit, 1 kill, 1 use
    • Item: Blaze rod
    • Throwable: No
  • Peace Flower: Gives everyone in a radius of 6 blocks regeneration 2 for 3-9 sec
    • Item: Poppy
    • Throwable: No

Random Effects

  • Jump
  • Nausea
  • Poison
  • Wither
  • Regeneration


  • All players are set to 3 hearts at deathmatch
  • No kits!