We’re Hiring!

We are looking for awesome people to build an awesome network!

If you have some special talent we should know about, and you feel you would be a good fit for our team, please contact us even if we are not asking for your particular skill set.

Social Media Engager

This position is based out of our Eden Prairie, MN office.

Duties include:

  • Initiate and respond in twitter and other social media
  • Run challenges within our Minecraft game
  • Some customer service duties
  • Make updates on our WordPress based web site.


  • Excellent communication skills. We are looking for clever and witty responses.
  • Positive and encouraging personality.
  • Very familiar with the Minecraft game and with social media.
  • Familiar with graphic software.

Content Creators

We are looking for the best content creators to produce content for sale on the Minecraft store.   The creative content must meet or exceed the very high standards of the present offering of the Microsoft store, and worthy of being an extension of the Lifeboat Brand.  Additionally, if you have unpublished creative content that would be a good fit and of sufficient standard, please contact us. We need skin, map, and texture pack creators.

YouTube Video Creator

  • We would like someone to create weekly videos, each about one to five minutes in length.
  • Some of these will be specific topics we request, and others will be subjects that you identify as being helpful or entertaining.
  • We will pay a on per-video basis.  Please advise what your fee would be.  (The upper limit of range we are looking for is $100)
  • Respond by emailing jobs@hydreon.com


To Apply

Please email jobs@hydreon.com the following information:

  • Introduce yourself. Use your real name, not your IGN.
  • Include the position you are applying for in your email subject line.
  • Why would you be particularly well suited to the position.
  • If it’s appropriate, include a link to something you have done.  Show us examples.
  • Please attach a resume.  If you are a student, we expect this to be very simple, but we expect you have put in the effort to produce one.   A pdf with your name as part of the filename is the preferred format.
  • We value an ability to work with a team.  Give an example of where you functioned well in a team of people.
  • Feel free to submit your application again later, especially if we have announced somewhere that we are looking for your skill set.  (Wait a month between applications!)
  • Screen your application for grammar and spelling mistakes, and use well thought out paragraphs.
  • If we do set up an interview, and you have never had an interview before, you would be wise to practice being interviewed.

bossTime saving tip:  Don’t apply from your phone.  We won’t read it.
We can’t possibly get a sense for your communications skills without a cover email and resume or examples of your work.

For all positions:

  • Taxes: If you are in Minnesota, you will be a regular W2 employee. If elsewhere, you will be considered a contractor, and thus will need to file local taxes. (This is not hard, but must be done!) You do not need to live in the U.S. to apply.  If you are non-US you will probably have to pay taxes in your country.  We have several contractors that do that.
  • Students and young people:  We have many students on our team, ages 15+.  Make sure your parents know about your involvement and it is completely okay with them.  For many this is an ideal flexible part time job.   School comes first, so we understand putting in fewer hours around tests and family vacations.  But, do not apply unless you expect you would typically be available for at least 10 hours a week.
  • Values: We are a values driven company, committed to making a positive difference through serving others.   This is the central reason we run Minecraft servers.  We won’t do something if we think our players would be worse for it.  We will only only be making positive games.  If you have your heart set on making a dark game, we would not be a good fit.
  • Equal opportunity employer, and we expect everyone on our team to treat others with respect.   The mood of our team is upbeat and positive.  We have something special going on here, and we all feel lucky to be part of it.