Ranking Points: What are they?

If you haven’t yet, head over to user.lbsg.net/stats/leaderboard to checkout our Daily, Monthly, Yearly and All Time leaderboards. You can also find your personal stats and league ranking at user.lbsg.net/stats. One column you might not understand is Ranking Points. Let’s talk about what they are.

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Simply put, Ranking Points are received by playing Lifeboat games. Wins, kills and even time spent in game earn Rankings Points. Lifeboat values team play and participation in the game mode’s objectives above all else, and so winning games gives the greatest amount of Ranking Points (the number varies based on how many players are in the match). Next up is kills. PvP is a hard skill to master, and we award Ranking Points for each kill based on the KDR of your opponent. Amazing PvP players with high KDR’s are worth a ton of points, so be careful! Game modes in which players respawn quickly and kills are not part of the objective, such as Capture the Flag, BedWars and Hot Rock, give less points for kills than other games. We also give Ranking Points for other things, like staying alive in a match, finishing in the top half of players and even building cool stuff in Survival Mode!

How many Ranking Points do you have? What League are you in? Our top players are in Diamond League, although Office Steve is still stuck in Iron League…