Report a Player

Report someone for breaking Lifeboat's rules.

Report a Player

Caught a hacker or a player violating Lifeboat rules? Report them here!

NOTE: Reports will be resolved within 1-2 days once received.

    Please submit the fields below to report a player on the Lifeboat network. If you are looking to appeal a ban, please go here.

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    Note: At least one form of proof is required. Please submit either a file or YouTube url as proof. If you do not submit any evidence of the player clearly breaking a rule, then your report will be disregarded.

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    If you have a video then upload it to YouTube and mark it as unlisted, please copy the link and paste it here (required if not submitting file):

    Quick Tip

    Report a hacker by using this command in-game:


    You do not need to type the complete playername. If our anti-hack determines that this is probably a valid report, we will enter this into our database. We keep a closer eye on players that receive hacking reports. But, the effect is limited, so if there is ever a false report it will not completely change the game-play experience of a wrongly accused player.

    Reports are cumulative–that means more reports against the same player mean we keep a tighter leash yet. But, in the spirit of forgiveness, we forget reports over time. If a player has no hacking reports for six weeks, they are considered in good standing.


    Thanks for doing your part to keep Lifeboat safe and fun for everyone!