Skyblock June 2020 Update

Skyblock June 2020 UPDATE

Ahoy Sailors, thanks for the continuous support with our game Skyblock. With the recent survey released, the decisions made were solely implemented from the responses gathered and what we see best fits this game.


A couple weeks back we started prompting players while joining Skyblock with a couple of questions:

     1.) Do our players want a full Island and data (coins + exp) reset coming out of beta?
     2.) Do our players want regular island and data resets on known intervals moving forward (a season system)?

Well the responses gathered were basically 50/50.

Out of the roughly 150,000 players that answered the questions, around half were in favor of the a reset out of beta, and around 40% were in favor of regular resets.

Unfortunately, from the beginning of the Skyblock beta, players have found different ways to exploit the experience and coin system, using different techniques to gain mass amounts of both. It is impossible to know if coins or experience has come from legitimate ways or from cheating. Due to this a data reset was necessary.

However, since the players are so split we decided to run both the  “beta mode” and “release mode”. Players can keep their old island, xp, and coins if they want but it will not be included in the leaderboards. Or players can start fresh and be included in the leaderboards. Players will not lose any Mini-Me Helpers, Spawner Bundles, or Auto Sell Chests purchased.


Along with coming out of beta, we are introducing custom island templates. A player can choose a free island from 3 different templates (default, default with generator, or a single block island). If players have additional islands they can choose from a list of 5 bigger custom islands


Ore generators are being added to the in game Skyblock store for purchase with in-game coins.

Coal Ore Generator $300000
Iron Ore Generator $400000
Gold Ore Generator $500000
Lapis Ore Generator $750000
Redstone Ore Generator $750000
Emerald Ore Generator $1000000
Diamond Ore Generator $1250000
There is also a generator bundle that comes with a Diamond, Gold, and Iron generator that’s sold for Minecoins on our store.


Thanks for reading this blog post! Hope you enjoy the new content and updates towards our game – Skyblock. Feel free to share with us screenshots of your island on our social media pages.