Lifeboat Ranks

Subscribers on Lifeboat get awesome benefits!

Lifeboat VIP Ranks are available as a lifetime rank on a individual gametypes, or a subscriber basis that comes with additional perks:

MVP = “Most Valuable Player”
GOAT = “Greatest Of All Time”

Subscribe with the Lifeboat+ App

You can get an MVP or GOAT subscription as an in-app purchase on iOS or Android.

Individual VIP can be purchased via the Lifeboat+ app, from GooglePlay or Appstore.

Other products, such as pets and effects, are also available through the Lifeboat+ app.


Cool Tag

Shows in game and in chat. MVP’s get the [MVP] tag, and GOATS get the [GOAT] tag.


MVP, GOAT & VIP also spawn with an awesome kit! Non-VIP players can get the same kit at the kit stand after an inconvenient walk through the lobby.


You get awesome pets that accompany you in the lobby. MVP’s get the Wolf, Chicken and Pig pets; GOAT’s get those, plus the Sheep* and Baby Horse*! [*coming soon]

Joining Privileges

You can join almost-full servers, as well as special Subscriber Only Games!

Particle FX

You get awesome particle effects in the lobby and in-game! MVP’s get the Lava, Redstone and Portal particles; GOAT’s get those, plus Rainbow and Magic Crit!

Team Selection

For team games and eSports, subscribers can pick their team, rather than being randomly assigned.

Spawn Pedestals

Subscribers receive cool Spawn Pedestals in-game. MVP’s get a Gold Spawn Pedestal and GOAT’s get a Diamond Spawn Pedestal.

Toys and Mounts

GOAT subscribers receive 5 free toys: Snowball, Cake, Creeperwork, Water Fountain, and Zombie Party. They also receive 1 free Horse mount, good for the lobby only.

Other Perks

Subscribers can also do other cool things like Fly in the Lobby! We are constantly developing new features.

If you purchased VIP for a specific gametype, you will always have that VIP and the benefits that came with it when you bought it, subject to our normal adjustments of the games and game type offerings.

The Lifeboat Network has never been pay to win. Your skill level, and not rank status, will determine the outcome of the game. If you are being frequently beaten, please review our how-to-play tutorials, watch our videos, and practice.

Our sincere thanks.  We run more than 400 physical (not virtual) computers.  We charge the lowest we reasonably can to keep the network going, and the subscribers make it possible.  The overwhelming majority of our players play for free, and we are thankful for them as well.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.