Commands in game

Use commands to make gameplay easier

Commands in game

General Commands

/coins – shows current amount of coins for player.

/friend – friendship handlings. Use with additional commands like: list (show friend list), remove (remove friend from list), help (show allowed commands), accept (add friend), deny (decline friend request). By default sends request for written player. (work in progress)

/getpos – get your current coords on map.

/help – shows allowed commands on current server.

/hub – teleport back to the lobby spawn

/ignore (/unignore) – use with name of ignored player. He is being added to ignore list.

– /kit – change your selected kit (VIP only; non-VIP’s must walk to kit statues)

/lang – change player’s language. Use with additional commands like: en (english), de (german), du (dutch), es (spanish).

/login – authentication on server. Players can just write their passwords in chat – first message of player is automatically handles as password (not

/mute (/unmute) – turn on and off messages in chat.
/register – registration process using player name, password and email
shown in chat).

/stats – shows total statistics for player in current gamemode. (work in progress)

/lang – change player’s language. Use with additional commands like: en (english), de (german), du (dutch), es (spanish).
/vip – send request for vip status.
/tag – toggle player’s tag in chat and in game (like VIP, Youtube, dev, etc).
/server – get ip of the current server.
/tell – send a private message to the given player.
/version – get the version of this server.

Also you can use commands /lobby and /hub in each plugin with lobby – this teleports player to spawn area.

Bounty Hunter Commands

/resume – use in lobby to teleport back on map. Works only if you have already been on some arena before.

Survival Games and Teams Commands

/lbtime – shows the time remaining before the tournament starts.

Prison Commands

/sell – sell all blocks.

Not all commands support the game modes SkyWars, Capture The Flag, and Survival Games.