Swordfish is Live!

What is Swordfish? Swordfish is Lifeboat Networks’ all new, custom built back-end database and API set! Created by our very own @dishrex it will serve to make your Minecraft: PE gaming experience on Lifeboat smoother and more convenient.


  • No longer do you have to login whenever switching servers! Swordfish will remember who you are during your session, so less typing and more gaming.
  • Will speed up database connections, leading to faster load time.
  • Remember those stats you keep asking about? They’re on their way thanks to Swordfish!
  • Able to handle HUGE amounts of players, so tell your friends to login!
  • Will serve as the basis for new awesome features, like rankings and in-game economy.

What are you waiting for? Login to play.lbsg.net and give Swordfish a test drive!