Translation Error Reports

Report inaccuracies in server translations here!

Translation Error Reports

Here, you can contact us regarding issues with translations for the Lifeboat Network. If you are fluent in a language and notice an issue with our translation, please take a screenshot and report it to us so that we can fix it! Descriptions of the issue must be written in English so that we may accurately find where the issue is. Please be as descriptive as possible with what's wrong with the translated text. Typos, grammatical errors, and illogical sentences are all valid examples of reports.

Please note that your understanding of a language may be a different dialect than our translator's (such as French vs Canadian French), and we may not take action on your report, depending on the dialect we use. Sending us the same report over and over again will only slow things down, and reduce the chance of your report ever getting read. So please, only report things once!

You will generally not receive a response from us regarding your report unless we have a follow-up question. If we decide that your issue is valid, we will fix and deploy the changes to our servers within a few weeks. Please do not contact us again or ask a staff member about the status of your report - they do not know whether it was approved or not, and it only annoys them.

Thank you for helping us share the Lifeboat Network with as many countries and communities as possible! We truly appreciate your help.

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