Join our public Slack workspace for translators!

Join our public Slack workspace for translators!

Slack is a communication app for teams similar to Discord
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FUN TRANSLATOR-only events

DIRECT-contact to other translators and staff members

Slack rules
  • Do not threaten users or leak any personal information.
  • Do not ping members repetitively.
  • Do not swear.
  • No harassment towards other users.
  • Do not add inappropriate or rude reactions to messages, no matter how funny they may seem.
  • Do not share or post inappropriate content or links.
  • Do not spam excessive messages or flood text channels.
  • Do not instigate arguments or fights
channel explanation

 A channel is a single place for a team to share messages.

On the Lifeboat Translations Slack workspace, we have these channels.

This channel contains important updates and announcements related to the translation program.

The place for on-topic messages! Do you have a question that is not neccessarily limited to one language? This is the place to go to receive assistance by your colleagues.

Get to know your colleagues in this channel! Talk freely, but please follow the rules.

The channel for on-topic messages related to your language. Receive assistance by other translators from your language.