Volunteer Positions

We love the community.


Volunteer Positions

In-Game Moderator
Join our mods today!
Map builder on PC
Looking for the best!


If there is some other area where you would like to help,

please email us at volunteer@lbsg.net.

  • Introduce yourself. Use your real name, not your IGN. (unless specifically requested)
  • What position you are applying for. Kindly include that in your email subject line.
  • Why would you be particularly well suited to the position?
  • Your experience with MCPE
  • If it’s appropriate, include a link to something you have done. Show us examples.
  • If you have one, please attach a resume. If you are a student, we expect this to be very simple.  A pdf with your name as part of the filename is the preferred format.
  • Use complete sentences, well thought-out paragraphs, and a spell checker.
  • Feel free to submit your application again later, especially if we have announced somewhere that we are looking for your skill set.  (Wait a month between applications!)

    Time saving tip:  Don’t apply from your phone.  We won’t read it.

“Whad’ya mean you won’t read it?!  That’s mean!”
Well, it’s more honest and kinder to be upfront and let you know the truth. We can’t possibly get a sense for your communications skills with a paragraph sent from your phone.

Current Open Positions

If you have some skill that you you think we could use, and would be willing to work for Lifeboat on a volunteer basis or perhaps for a modest stipend, please email us. Right now we are specifically looking for these skills:

  • Translators – what languages do you speak fluently?
  • Kim Content creators.