What’s new? | December Updates


The holidays have arrived with a huge snow storm bringing in our festive lobby. Travel around our servers on the new Yeti and Santa Sleigh mounts. Explore the many different features available in our lobby. There are tons of new areas to venture to and a special Christmas event to uncover soon, so stay festive.

With a new month and holiday also mean brand new pets, packs, and epic releases in the Minecraft Marketplace. So far, during the month of November and December we’ve released tons of items in our store and on the Minecraft Marketplace. 

The Lifeboat ‘Ho Ho Ho Pack’ and the ‘Yeit + Big Foot Pack’ are both now available. Along with the special release of our Durable Mummy Valley map.  Read more here.

In addition, we would like to congratulate our discord Christmas icon contest winner JulianPlayz. Very creative and detailed in his icon submission. This icon will be displayed soon on our discord server. Congratulations. 


(Credits: JulianPlayz)

What's NEW?

During the month of November & December, our development team has been constantly working on getting new games developed, creating festive pets and cosmetic items, and opening servers across Asia and UK to minimize lag and improve ping times. We’ve also introduced Arcade, Lifeboat City, and Block Party. Both modes have been released for a while now and we appreciate your support. 

Arcade Mode

Arcade has officially been released on all of our servers. Enjoy this brand new mode available with tons of throw-back games and new games. We’ve added the one and only Spleef mode back for players that enjoy this fast-paced game. We’ve added a new mode 8-Ball, eliminate players in the correct color order listed to win the game. Play today, we know you’ll enjoy. 

Lifeboat City

The Lifeboat City has been introduced across all over our servers. Lifeboat City, as you may know, is our very own role-play server. Introducing high-end game mechanics such as trading, roles, economy, transportation, and more to come to improve your roleplay experience. Be sure to be on the lookout for something special in the upcoming weeks. 

Block Party

If you like to party and dance then this is the game for you. Dance around the map as you play Block Party avoiding the negative effects around you. Be sure to pay attention to the color block you’re supposed to be on. In addition, be attentive and look for power-ups that can assist for seconds and beware there are negative power-ups as well.

The Lifeboat Holiday cosmetic pack + Yeti & Big Foot are now available in the Lifeboat Store. Mounts, pets, skins, you name it! Get into the festive spirit by purchasing these holiday packs. 

Ho Ho Ho Pack

Dress up an spread some holiday cheer! Its Christmas, your favorite time of the year. Use these items anywhere on the Lifeboat server, even in games.


Wearable Accessories:

-Santa Suit

-White Beard

-Elf Cap



-Candy Cane

Mounts and Pets:

-Santa’s Sleigh 

-Gingerbread Man 


-4 Special Holiday themed skins (only usable on Lifeboat servers) 

BigFoot & Yeti

Take a ride through the wilderness on the shoulders of these large, muscular, ape-like creatures. Works in the lobby and in any games where mounts or vehicles are permitted. If your friends don’t believe in Bigfoot, maybe now you can convince them. The truth is out there! 

Introducing Asia & Europe Servers

Lifeboat Servers have been installed in Asia! Servers are also in the process of being translated. You can join by the using the main menu – servers tab.

Europe Servers are coming soon! Stay tuned, our goal is to provide a lag free experience and improve pings times for all.

Thank you all for being a valuable Lifeboat players. We appreciate your constant feedback and comments. Share with us your experience, playing the Lifeboat Network, on our following pages. Happy Lifeboating!