What’s New? | February Updates

what a month!

Lifeboat has been working on many new features for the network, and we’re excited for what the future holds. For the time being, we’ve completed work on a few new products and some improved game mechanics. From skin packs being released to the Minecraft Marketplace to an entire revamp of CTF, this month is one to remember.


What’s New?

With a new month means a whole lot of new content. During February, we’ve released a plethora of items in our store and on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Lifeboat Store: 

  • Lifeboat Cupid
  • 24K Cosmetic Pack
  • Updated Cosmetics
  • GOAT & VIP

Minecraft Marketplace:

  • Shark Tastrophy HD


Server Updates

Server updates! This is our favorite part and we hope it’s yours as well. Let’s dive right in and check out what’s new. 

New Maps

  • SkyWars: New Maps Coming Soon
  • Survival Games: Illusion Version 2 Added
  • CTF – Entire Map Revamp

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Capture The Flag (Main Mode Updated)

  • New Maps
  • Added New Spawn Items
  • New scoreboard system added



Volunteer Positions – News

Builder Position

  • We are introducing a brand new volunteer position, the Builder position. Are you interested in creating maps for our servers and content for the Minecraft Marketplace? If so, then this is the position for you! Applications are now open.

Moderator Position

  • Applications have been re-opened for the year 2019 with a flourishing new look. Lead Moderator, David Herrera, has designed a new rubric when applying for this essential position. Please be sure to read the entire rubric, as various changes have been made; for example, the new age requirement, which is now in effect.

Artist Position

  • We’re looking for exceptionally talented artists with any of the following skill set. If you’re skilled in creating thumbnails, skin renders, text renders, and small videos, then this is the position for you. Applications are now open.

Thank you all for being a valuable Lifeboat players. We appreciate your constant feedback and comments. Share with us your experience, playing the Lifeboat Network, on our following pages. Happy Lifeboating!