YouTube Partnership Program

YouTube Partnership Program


Obtaining the YouTube rank on our servers is an amazing accomplishment. We can’t thank you enough for creating content on our servers for players to enjoy, and would love to thank you.

To honor your hard work, we have some exciting features and a snazzy looking YouTube rank in-game.

Lifeboat Network YouTube Partnership Program


To become a YouTube partner, please ensure you meet our requirements and guidelines before applying:

  • Minimum 1,500 subscribers
  • Minimum 5 recently-uploaded Lifeboat-related content
  • Lifeboat-related content must be family-friendly
  • Content must not depict breaking Lifeboat’s rules
  • Hacking/trolling videos not permitted

Partnership Incentives


Obtain a snazzy looking [YouTube] rank in-game. Show off with your stylish rank and various perks that come a long with it, in-game. In addition, on our discord server you will obtain a red [YouTube] rank.


Gain access to three private chats on our discord server. One with fellow partners, one with volunteers & staff members, and a special voice chat for you all.

Early Beta Access

As being apart of our partnership program, you'll gain private access to our new games two days before release. You'll have the ability to record videos and tease the public with our new games!


Once you are a part of our partnership program, we'll notify our players of new Lifeboat videos you create, providing you with a larger and more diverse community platform.



If you meet all of the requirements listed above, and you’re interested in all of the partnership incentives, apply below to become part of Lifeboat’s Official YouTube Partnership Program. Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability and follow the proper steps to verify your YouTube Channel. Application will take one to two weeks to process through. If you’re accepted, please look forward to an email from us.

    * Indicates a required field.



    YouTube Channel Link*

    Do you have more than 1,500 subscribers?*

    How many subscribers do you have?*

    Please tell us why you'd like to be part of our YouTube Partnership Program.

    Please enter a random six-digit code to verify ownership of your YouTube Channel. Enter the code here in the box below and enter the code in all three of the descriptions of the videos you attached.*

    Lifeboat Related Content - Video 1*

    Lifeboat Related Content - Video 2*

    Lifeboat Related Content - Video 3*

    XBOX Username*

    Discord Username*

    Thanks for applying! We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you soon in our partner list.