Zombie Apocalypse New Mode

Zombie Apocalypse New Mode

Jump into action on our recent update ZA Arena mode! 

Join now – (za.lbsg.net)

If you like non-stop PvP with each round intensifying then this mode is for you. 

With three current maps stone arena, stadium, and black nexus prepare your skills for some intense PvP. Gather your friends and family to see how many waves you can survive. 


Enter the server address - za.lbsg.net | PORT - 19132

enter the server and walk up to the portal MODE nameD arena

upon joining into the portal you'll be promoted with a short overview on how to play the game


When the game starts, monsters will come by waves. Defeat each wave to move on to the next. Remember to bring your full PvP experience into battle! 

With waves increasing, monsters become stronger and stronger. Eliminating mobs provides you with gold which you can use to your advantage. 

Right click or tap the golden coin. Here you’ll be able to purchase materials such as swords and armor to protect yourself from the intensifying battles.

How many waves can you survive on Zombie Apocalypse? Tweet us @LifeboatNetwork using the tag #LBZA

zombie apocalypse supply drop

This valuable lifeline provides additional supplies for 20 matches of Zombie Apocalypse. Each drop is randomized but includes upgraded weapons and armor. Plus you’ll get other helpful equipment such as a bow, arrows, TNT, and potions. Use your head start to eliminate monsters more quickly!

GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN! za update - new arena mode

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