Terms & Conditions

The Boss
The Boss says: follow the rules.

Thank you for choosing Lifeboat (“lifeboat” “we” “us” “our”). By using the Lifeboat websites, servers, mobile apps, including by purchasing virtual goods, you are bound to the Terms and Conditions as written below. We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement at any time, for any reason.

Be Nice
All players on the Lifeboat Network are required to behave civilly. Do not use foul language or inappropriate skins. Do not insult other players or berate groups of people on the Lifeboat Network. We reserve the right to ban players from the network, including those who have made purchases. If you berate other in chat we will censor such comments and we will ban you if do so repeatedly.

We encourage you to use your time on the Lifeboat Network to interact positively with other players. Build each other up. Also, the Lifeboat Network can be a great place to interact with your friends, but it is not a suitable place to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, or make other similar solicitations. Don’t give out your real name, e-mail, or any other personal identifiers.

Don’t hack or use client mods.  We may ban you for doing so.

No Refunds
You may play on our servers at no cost, so you have a good idea about what the experience is like before your purchase.  So, no refunds.  And, you don’t get your money back if we ban you, so be nice.

Also, you don’t get your money back if VIP or a subscription rank are not everything you hoped for.  We try to represent this as best we can, but know the exact nature of paid for ranks are constantly changing as we develop the game.  We hope you buy a rank mainly because it supports the network. If you were being beaten without a paid for rank, you will likely be beaten with one.

By purchasing paid for ranks, such as VIP, VIP+, MVP or GOAT, from Hydreon Corporation you are purchasing access to control over virtual items on our servers. The virtual items themselves (such as swords, armor, etc) are supplied by Mojang AB, supplier of the game software. Your payment is for Hydreon’s portion of the system, not that supplied by Mojang or any other party. Hydreon Corporation is not affiliated with Mojang AB in any way.  We are categorically not Mojang AB (we are not as hip and our offices are not as fancy) and we are certainly not Microsoft.

All paid for rank packages, such as VIP, VIP+, MVP or GOAT, are subject to change without notice. The packages emphasize joining, playing with friends, cosmetic advantages, and play style preference (e.g. kit selection), and not in-game advantage.  The outcome of the games will be determined by your skill, not whether or not you purchase a rank. Pictures and descriptions are for illustration only and do not necessarily depict your game play experience.

VIP and VIP+ are for only the game types specified, and only for one account.

We do our best to keep game types up, but make no guarantees as to their availability or continued existence.

Contests, Media, and Premiums
If you tweet or send something to us (like fan art) we can do with it what we want.  For example, re-tweet it or put it up on our website.  This will generally be with giving credit to you, and with the goal of building up you and the rest of the community.  So if you don’t want something re-broadcast, don’t send it to us.

In either engaging with us, or in contest, avoid sending any identifiers, and we will avoid re-broadcasting them.  Specifically, we would like pictures the swell t-shirt you got from us but keep your good-looking face out of it.   Keep any name and address stuff out of the background of photos.  If we need to ask for your shipping address to send you something, we will treat this information as confidential.

If you win a prize from us for any reason you we will generally announce your in-game name through social media, congratulating you.  If you don’t want this notoriety, don’t enter our challenges or contests.  All prizes are of nominal value, and there is never a requirement to purchase anything in order to participate in our prize giveaways.  All are subject to local laws, and void where prohibited.

If you win a contest or are are awarded a premium for a purchase we will make reasonable efforts to get it to you.  But we will probably not follow up if you give us a wrong address, so enter it carefully.

Those are the rules.  Have fun and thanks for playing on the Lifeboat Network!